My thoughts on web development and life.

Who am I?

CT Based web developer at large!

My name is John Marczak, a web developer, and a jack of all trades. I have been doing web development and basic design for clients in Connecticut for almost 10 years now, working for fortune 100 companies and web development shops and currently working at eVariant, a Healthcare software company. I typically focus on javascript and front end work and used to focus on the LAMP stack. Now days I work with salesforce (a Java-esque language called apex), do some PHP and a whole lot of javascript and general web development.

What is this site for?

Experiments and scripts that may have no use to you.

Heads up! This site is a collection of scripts and small projects I work on in my spare time. These projects usually tend to scratch an itch, but hopefully you may find them helpful, if you do, feel free to ask for source or explainations as I am happy to give them.

Where can I find you?

You can always use the contact form, but for you old fashion folks.

Please dont snail mail me if you can contact me electronically.

John Marczak
John Marczak
15 Coburn Circle
Newington, CT 06111
P: (860) 462-6935

Why do you do this?

I love design and development and the ads dont hurt :)

I truely love web design and development and my job, but sometimes I dont get to do what I want at work. Working for clients is great, but we have designers that pretty much make the decisions and do some of the work, this is my chance to do that work that I miss and also keep up with the latest and greatest.